Monday’s Child

By Renée Blanchette

Renée Blanchette will launch Monday’s Child at the Beaconsfield Carriage House on February 10 at 2 pm. 

Published by The Acorn Press, Monday’s Child is a collection of poetry that will appeal to educators, parents and poetry lovers alike. 

With inventive humour and imagery, Blanchette’s poems balance expectation and hope, childhood imagination and the challenging realities of the classroom. Filled with a roster of vivid student portraits, Monday’s Child presents a metaphorical day in the life and routines of a teacher, inspired by learning but founded ultimately in love. Join Cheryl as she navigates the complex web of her past, confronts the challenges of her present, and seeks redemption in the face of doubt and uncertainty.

Blanchette is a poet and fiction writer who worked as an educator in her home province of PEI. Her writing focuses on character, nature and the function of art in daily life. She lives in Charlottetown.