Pocket Full of Sea Glass

By Alma Fullerton

The Acorn Press has published Pocket Full of Sea Glass, a new release from PEI author and illustrator Alma Fullerton.

The picture book follows the day in the life of a child whose anxiety seems to fill their days. Letting go is so hard to do and worry weighs down every step. Even walking on the beach is difficult until finding a glimmer of hope among the rocks helps to make the day brighter. With a piece of sea glass found, the worries seem to melt away. 

Pocket Full of Sea Glass introduces the mindfulness children can achieve by spending time in nature, one piece of sea glass at a time.

 Fullerton lives in North Lake, PEI with her husband and dog. She struggled with reading and memorized most things until the age of nine when, with the help of her grade four teacher, she realized she had dyslexia. By grade nine Fullerton loved reading. Besides writing and illustrating, she now works in schools as an educational assistant.