Tip the Cup of Guilt Madam

By Arlene Mighton

PEI-based author Arlene Mighton released Tip the Cup of Guilt Madam in November 2023.

Tip the Cup of Guilt Madam is about a Nobel Laureate’s widow, Cheryl Boucher, and her struggle with depression following her husband’s death, and her eventful succumbing to dementia. While in therapy to deal with her depression, she and her two daughters discover that Karl Boucher had a secret mistress and a daughter. This sends the family into a free fall. The story becomes more complicated when Cheryl learns she has early dementia. The widow tries to outskirt the family by not going into a care facility. As Cheryl eventually finds herself in a care facility, her path intersects with the chaplain of the Manor, sparking a profound love that defies societal expectations. Furthermore, Cheryl undergoes a profound religious experience.

Tip the Cup of Guilt Madam weaves a  tapestry of human emotions, exploring themes of loss, betrayal, resilience, and the transformative power of love. 

Mighton, a retired nurse, lives in PEI and is currently completing a degree in English Literature and pursuing a writing career. She has published three novels to date. Her latest book, Tip the Cup of Guilt Madam, can be purchased online at Amazon.