“Let It Land” 

By Carlie Howell

Carlie Howell is a performer, composer and arts worker. An in-demand bassist, they have played with Jenn Grant, The Queer Songbook Orchestra, and synth-pioneer Beverly Glenn-Copeland. 

A strong musical voice across genres, Carlie has written for string quartet, chamber orchestra, percussion ensemble and more. 

Through Music PEI’s Golden Ticket Program, Carlie is proud to present “Let It Land,” which was released on March 22. The single was produced by Maia Davies (Serena Ryder, Mother Mother) and features a string arrangement composed and performed by Howell, Kinley Dowling and Natalie Williams Calhoun. Carlie also worked with Millefiore Clarkes on a new music video and Story Thorburn on photography. 

Music PEI’s Golden Ticket Program is made possible thanks to the generous funding from RBC, FACTOR through the Government of Canada and Canada’s Private RAdio Broadcasters, Innovation PEI and ACOA.