By Tigwe

Tigwe is a Nigerian-Canadian artist with a lyrical prowess that resonates deep, much like the echoes of his influences—the poetic storytelling of J. Cole and the introspective brilliance of Kendrick Lamar. His distinct vocal timbre is a sonic fingerprint, carving out a space for him in the crowded realm of hip-hop.

While crafting his verses, the young artist has been juggling the demanding world of academia, pursuing a degree in engineering. This duality speaks volumes about his dedication and work ethic, demonstrating that his pursuit of knowledge extends beyond the confines of the studio.

Tigwe’s latest release “Gravy” was made possible by Music PEI’s Golden Ticket Program and dropped March 28. Tigwe also collaborated with local photographer Justin Rix to create a series of photos and videos that tell the origin story of the young artist and their approach to music making.

Music PEI’s Golden Ticket Program is made possible thanks to the generous funding from RBC, FACTOR through the Government of Canada and Canada’s Private RAdio Broadcasters, Innovation PEI and ACOA.