“Good Mother”

By Emilea May

Singer-songwriter Emilea May released “Good Mother” on March 7.

 Emilea May’s music resonates with the raw beauty of her surroundings. With an effortlessly beautiful voice and introspective lyrics that cut to the core, Emily’s music offers a glimpse into her soul. She weaves tales inspired by the simplicity of nature, the bonds of friendship, and the transformative journey of motherhood. 

“Good Mother” was produced by Josh Van Tassel (David Myles, Bahamas) and recorded at Crabbe Road Studio through Music PEI’s Golden Ticket Program. Speaking to the journey of motherhood, the song is meant to validate mothers and make them feel heard and seen through their struggles but it is also meant to bring them a glimmer of hope and remind them what they are capable of.

Photography by Andrew Lewis.

Music PEI’s Golden Ticket Program is made possible thanks to the generous funding from RBC, FACTOR through the Government of Canada and Canada’s Private RAdio Broadcasters, Innovation PEI and ACOA.