“When I Saw You”

By Luka Hall

At just 16 years old, Luka Hall stands as a prodigious fiddle-playing virtuoso hailing from PEI. Since the age of nine, Luka has been captivating audiences with his mesmerizing performances, establishing himself as a rising star in the vibrant island trad music scene. 

With “When I Saw You”, released through Music PEI’s Golden Ticket Program, Luka steps into a brighter spotlight as not only an instrumentalist but also a vocalist. Working alongside Jack Charron from The East Pointers, the two were able to capture an explosive performance and adorn the recording with depth and atmosphere. 

“When I Saw You” is the first self penned recording for the young musician. It was released on March 1. 

Photography by Hannah Rene.

Music PEI’s Golden Ticket Program is made possible thanks to the generous funding from RBC, FACTOR through the Government of Canada and Canada’s Private Radio Broadcasters, Innovation PEI and ACOA.