About the Buzz

Prince Edward Island’s Guide to What’s Going On, is a free monthly magazine featuring community events and local art, music, theatre, books, food & drink, film and more.

The Buzz has been an integral part of the arts & culture scene on Prince Edward Island for over 25 years, and is the best place to find out what is going on and where across PEI.

We operate with a hardworking core team of five people, dedicated to creating an informative, interesting and intelligent publication month after month. A family-owned and operated business, Peter Richards began The Buzz in 1993 after recognizing a need in the community to support and showcase the local arts and culture scene on PEI. Since then, The Buzz has continued to thrive with the trust and support of Islanders.

The Buzz is distributed Island-wide throughout the year at between 350-550 locations depending on the season.


Peter, oft referred to as ‘Buzzman’ or ‘The Buzz Guy’ around the Island, started the arts publication in June of 1993. As a business owner and developer he’s worn many hats over the years and his current title is Managing Editor for the Buzz. His day-to-day involves communicating with regular columnists, engaging new contributors and making decisions regarding content for the Buzz.


As the self-described ‘worst joke maker’ on the Buzz team, Peter keeps away from headlining comedy routines, and instead enjoys taking in live music and theatre across PEI. An Islander-by-choice since 1975, Peter raised his family here after moving from Ontario.

Peter remains very proud of the fact that, after almost 26 years, his small and dedicated team is able to continue producing something that makes a positive contribution to the way of life here on Prince Edward Island.


Nancy has been a part of The Buzz family since almost the very beginning. She joined Peter in 1995 as an editor and bookkeeper. Although those are her official roles, it’s safe to say Nancy does a bit of everything in the Buzz world; from fielding phone calls and cleaning the office to making Island-wide Buzz deliveries every month. All in a day’s work!


If there were self-appointed office titles Nancy’s would be “Least Chill” and she actively avoids that second cup of coffee because you might say she’s already ‘buzzing’ around the office after one.

She can also be found buzzing around the live music scene on PEI. True to what you might expect for someone who makes their living in the cultural sector, Nancy struggled to pick one favourite cultural element instead identified music, art and craft, theatre, film and dance as favourites.

Nancy lives in Kelly’s Cross with her husband Peter (yes, that Peter!) and the family cat.


Yanik, much like Peter, found he never had a nickname that stuck, apart from ‘Buzz Guy.’ So, with two people known as ‘Buzz Guy’ around the office, Yanik makes his mark by being the official Sales Manager, with (unofficially) the messiest desk. Although, he insists it’s organized to him. Much like the entire Buzz team, Yanik also takes on plenty of other roles including distribution, tech troubleshooting and maintenance, and even snow shoveling.


After living several other places, Yanik moved back to PEI and joined the Buzz team in December 1999. An introvert at heart, he enjoys chatting but usually prefers to do so over a good event snack table, ideally with oysters or sushi. Taking into account the entirety of his accomplishments, Yanik credits his son as being the best thing he’s ever made, and enjoys spending time with his family including their Westie.

Yanik enjoys live music, theatre, comedy, and events that highlight other cultures, but insists he can be entertained by just about anything. He believes the key to enjoying just about anything is to put down your phone and just enjoy the show. The best recordings are made by your senses and your feelings.


Michelle started at The Buzz in 2015. As Digital Media Manager, Michelle loves having her finger on the pulse of what’s going on across PEI. She gets to design and develop content for the Buzz website and social media platforms.


Unofficially, Michelle is the office’s brownie control officer and social awareness sergeant: both very serious and often underappreciated roles. Her favourite type of cultural event on the Island is easily any live music show that gets her dancing. Second to that would be stand-up comedy, because if there’s one thing she can appreciate besides a well-maintained brownie stash, it’s a good belly laugh.

A Newfoundlander by birth and an Islander (PE Islander) by choice, Michelle has travelled and lived many places but ultimately chose to make PEI her permanent home because of the wonderful community of friends she had created here. She lives in Charlottetown with her husband Yanik (yes, that Yanik!), their son and their Westie.


Maggie has been with The Buzz from 2008 as a Graphic Designer. She currently looks after all of the ad design at the Buzz, as well as running her own full-time business, Ruby Square Graphic Design.


In addition to the role of Graphic Designer is Maggie’s unofficial title: loudest sneezer at the office.

Maggie’s personal favourite cultural events are PEI Symphony concerts. A lifelong participant of the arts, Maggie joined the PEISO at age 12 as a violin player and continues to be involved as a member on their Board of Directors. Maggie is also a proud mom, gramma and cat mama.