The Walk: Ten Million Steps Across Canada & The Walk II: Five Million Steps Across Europe

By Henry “Hank” Gallant

Author Henry “Hank” Gallant is a retired fisherman from Nail Pond, PEI, a long distance walker, and the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Medal.

Inspired in his youth when seeing a map of Canada in his classroom, Gallant trained for years to accomplish his lifetime dream to walk across the country. He became the first individual to walk across Canada in 1967. As his centennial project, to celebrate Canada 100th year, Hank left Beacon Hill Park, BC on foot on February 6, 1967 to arrive in St-John’s, NL on November 13, 1967. 

Two years later, in 1969, he walked across 12 countries in Europe—leaving from Lisbon, Portugal on January 17, 1969 to Glascow, Scotland, arriving May 17, 1969.

His two books, The Walk: Ten Million Steps Across Canada and The Walk II: Five Million Steps Across Europe, explain the recollection of events, adventures and stories described in Hank’s daily journals during his long distance walks across Canada and Europe.

A launch of both books is scheduled to take place at 2 pm on March 24 at the Acadian Museum of PEI (23 Main Dr E, Miscouche). The Museum is currently displaying the exhibition, The story of Henry “Hank” Gallant from Nail Pond PE, on view until April. 

Copies of the books will be available at the launch, and also online at, Amazon Kindle and