The Laboratory of Poetics and Soundwave Manipulation

By Trevor Lowell Clements & the Barn Cat Poetry Beat

The Laboratory of Poetics and Soundwave Manipulation by Trevor Lowell Clements & the Barn Cat Poetry Beat was released on streaming platforms back in September. 

This is the first official album from Trevor Lowell Clements (poet, drummer, busker and sometimes singer) and his bandmates the Barn Cats—Mark Barrett (guitar) and Wade Smith (bass, flute, synth, percussion).   

Since 1991, Clements has collaborated with a number of musicians in PEI and internationally, both as a drummer and recording artist in various bands and occasional solo ventures. He has performed and recorded with musicians in and from Korea, Abu Dhabi, Mongolia, and Brunei, where he lived and worked as a teacher from 2003–2021. After moving back to PEI in 2021, Clements enlisted the help of musicians Barrett and Smith to reimagine old recordings and write new material. 

The result is The Laboratory of Poetics and Soundwave Manipulation, which consists mostly of previously unreleased material plus a small sampling of the band’s new work. The album features Clements’ poetry and jams that blend elements of blues, funk, jazz and Latin fusion. 

“Trevor and his Cats evoke the best of ‘60s beatniks…jazzy poetic stylings turn your living room into Greenwich Village,” said Adam-Michael James, host of the isletunes podcast.