Shirley Is Back

Round two for Willy Russell play in September

Victoria Playhouse’s encore presentation of the hit show Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell will be on stage September 6–17.

The comedy is directed by Robert Tsonos and Johanna Nutter’s performance as Shirley earlier this season has garnered high praise from audience members. 

“Johanna Nutter was spectacular, covering such a wide range of emotions, with brilliant comic timing and poignant moments of vulnerability,” says audience member Peter Bevan-Baker. “She portrayed the complex role wonderfully, and the energy of the standing ovation perfectly reflected the striving of Shirley V. towards a life of spontaneity and arousal. Go see it!” 

A Liverpool housewife, Shirley Valentine makes chips’n egg for her husband while talking to the wall. What happened to her dreams? 

Out of the blue, her best friend offers her a trip to Greece for two weeks and she secretly packs her bags.

Travel with Shirley as she learns how to fall in love with being alive again. 

Playwright Willy Russell’s iconic female character is most associated with Pauline Collins, who starred in the 1988 West End and 1989 Broadway productions, and also in the 1989 film adaptation.

“We saw Shirley Valentine at the Victoria Playhouse here on Prince Edward Island last night,” said Ken Wilson. “Having seen Pauline Collins in the original London production of Willie Russell’s play back in the 1980s, I was wondering how Johanna Nutter would deal with such a challenging role. I must say I was bowled over by her performance.”  

For tickets, call the Playhouse Box Office at 1-800-925-2025 or visit