Rutherford Retrospective

One of four exhibitions at Confederation Centre Art Gallery

Self portrait of Erica Rutherford

Island trailblazer Erica Rutherford, the first Island artist to be featured at the prestigious Venice Biennale, is being honoured through a retrospective at Confederation Centre Art Gallery (CCAG).

Born in Edinburgh in 1928, Rutherford spent her early years living around the world exploring a variety of art forms, and eventually settled on painting as a focus. Her life was transformed by her transition to living as a woman in the mid-1970s, and by her permanent move to Prince Edward Island in 1985—which she described as a homecoming.

The myriad of periods of Rutherford’s life and career will be explored at CCAG with the exhibition Erica Rutherford: Her Lives and Works. The show will include over 100 pieces and be accompanied by memorabilia and photographs that support the stories told by the work itself. Rutherford’s life was shaped by the search for identity and community, and her works explore themes of persona and gender, nomadism and home, and the relationships between artistic and biographical narrative. Curated by Pan Wendt, the exhibition will be on view until January 5.

Other exhibitions on view at CCAG this summer include:

Yellowknife Forever!

The seven artists in this exhibition use local vernacular, photography, scrap plywood found at the dump, or moosehide sewn into gothic forms, each exploring the anti-picturesque character of northern life. Curated by Sarah Swan. On view until September 29.

Together Apart Under One Roof: Aganetha Dyck, Diana Thorneycroft, Reva Stone

This exhibition celebrates the distinct practices and the enduring friendship of Winnipeg-based artists Aganetha Dyck, Diana Thorneycroft, and Reva Stone, who have been studio neighbours in Winnipeg for over 30 years. Curated by Denise Lawson and Angela Somerset. On view until October 27.

The Sweet Spot

A selection of works from Confederation Centre Art Gallery’s permanent collection that aim for the “sweet spot”—that elusive place or moment that finds just the right balance between order and possibility, the ideal distance between intimacy and perspective, between freedom and generosity. Curated by Pan Wendt. On view until January 26.