“Coeur chaviré”

By Sirène et Matelot

PEI Acadian band Sirène et Matelot, formed by Lennie Gallant and Patricia Richard, released a new single for radio called “Coeur chaviré.” The song is from their latest album, Un monde de dissonances, released by Le Grenier musique in 2023. It is available on CD and all digital platforms.

The composition was inspired by the rhythm of Patricia’s dancing footwork. As Lennie explains, artist Jac Gautreau helped with the lyrics to complete the song’s musical universe. He says, “The song examines the difficulties of maintaining a secure loving relationship in a modern world where people are constantly bombarded with external stimuli and so many of us are pulled in so many directions at once.” Patricia adds that “despite the many varied distractions and distance many of us deal with, we must count on the strength and beauty of love in this crazy world. It’s the only thing that makes the journey worthwhile. If we search hard enough, we will find a peaceful harbour for our nearly shipwrecked hearts.”

With lyrics by Lennie, Patricia, and Jac, and music by Lennie and Patricia, musicians on the track include: Lennie (vocals, guitar); Patricia (vocals, foot tapping); Julien Robichaud (keyboard); Davy Gallant (guitar, mandolin, percussion); Simon Blouin (drums); Rémy Malo (bass guitar); and Gilles Tessier (electric guitar). Davy Gallant produced the song and the album.