RED: The Island Storybook Volume 33

RED editors have a brand-new volume of freshly picked short stories from all over the Island. RED: The Island Storybook Volume 33 is out now. 

There are over twenty Island storytellers in this volume, and each one brings a unique perspective to the pages of RED.

Patrick Ledwell is back with another installment of his column, Made in the 80s. This time he reminisces about cassette tapes. The joys of capturing golden 80s radio hits on a tape deck, and the woes of that tape deck in turn eating the tape and forcing its owner to do the pencil trick. The struggle was real. 

Island naturalist extraordinaire Kate McQuarrie continues her series, Untamed Island. In this volume she tells the surprising story of how skunks and raccoons arrived on PEI. Hint: it wasn’t aboard the MV Abegweit. 

Speaking of ferry boats, this edition includes a heart-warming Christmas story by a first time RED writer Kelly G about missing a boat on Christmas Eve and the unexpected Christmas magic that followed. 

Pick up a copy of RED at stores Island-wide.