Picture Yourself in a Riot

Rick Sparkles & The Enablers

What do Icarus, the Great Gatsby, and famed Canadian painter Tom Thomson have in common? They all make an appearance on Rick Sparkes + The Enablers’ new album, Picture Yourself in a Riot.

The album, released in May and available on all streaming platforms, follows the PEI band’s 2021 Music PEI Award-winning and ECMA-nominated album Pleasure in the Pathless Woods.

According to Sparkes, the album explores new territory both lyrically and musically. In addition to its diverse musical exploration, Sparkes says that many of the songs were written during a particularly difficult period.

“When he died just before the pandemic hit, I hadn’t seen or spoken to my father in nearly 20 years, and in the months that followed, I found myself in this weird phase of mourning. I felt like I should have been grieving the loss of a loving parent and not riding these waves of anger and regret because we had sort of cheated one another out of that basic, fundamental relationship between a father and a son,” explains Sparkes. “I’m not sure to what extent the songs reflect the specifics of this experience, but I think they all, in their own ways, attempt to reclaim something that’s been irrevocably lost.”