John McAllar

PEI singer-songwriter John MacAllar recently released his new album Offerings.

The album was written and arranged by MacAllar, who recorded the foundation for most tracks with bassist Ronnie Switzer (Haywire). Fleshing out the sound were Patrick Allen, Steve MacNeil, Claire Gallant, Ian Toms, Chris Corrigan, Sean Kemp, Todd MacLean, Sean Ferris and Mike Stratton. Producer Jon Matthews (Sound Mill Studio) also played on the album and melded everything together—showing a knack for snappy ear candy on “Day by Day” and subtlety on the ballad, “Life Song.”

The opening song “Stargazin” features the sounds of nature and places the listener in MacAllar’s reflective headspace. “Chasin My Tail” is a relatable single about feelings of futility that was released a few years ago but found its home on Offerings. “All I Want Mama” and “Heavy Metal and Cocaine” show the artist’s inclination towards blues-based rock.

Offerings is available at Clows in North Wiltshire, and Back Alley Music and Dundee Arms in Charlottetown.