“Making Me Sicker”

By Atlantic String Machine ft. Keeper E.

Following the recent release of their collaboration with R&B singer Kierrah, Atlantic String Machine teamed up with Halifax-born, Montreal-based indie-pop sensation Keeper E. for their new single, “Making Me Sicker.”

Recorded in Halifax during a celebration of East Coast music, the track captures the best of what the Atlantic music scene has to offer: catchy hooks, insightful lyrics, sophisticated musicianship, and that multi-genre collaborative spirit. A departure from Keeper E.’s largely electronic production, the track features Atlantic String Machine providing both the groovy low-end as well as the textural tops. And the vocals from Keeper E. offer a cutting but clever narrative that grounds the tune in an emotional malaise.  

Featuring a string arrangement by String Machine bassist Adam Hill, the cut was shaped by recording engineer Thomas Stajcer, mix engineer Adam Gallant, and mastering engineer John D.S. Adams. The track drops on all streaming services July 26.