Journey: A Guided Journal for Becoming and Unbecoming

By Katherine Stetson

Published by Pownal Street Press, Journey: A Guided Journal for Becoming and Unbecoming by Katherine Stetson is an interactive resource for those interested in the intersection of mindfulness, mental health and journaling. 

Journey invites readers to discover themselves in a new light. Sharing her perspective as a mental health nurse, the author guides readers step-by-step towards an inquiry into their beliefs, their behavioural patterns and their identities by offering a sequence of over 150 thought-provoking questions, meant to investigate unique histories and past and present complexities.

From cultivating self-knowledge  to tapping into the simplest of joys, Stetson uses the principles of psychology and mindfulness to invite the reader in. Her questions are designed to spark reflection, insight and change—and to give life its greatest meaning. With generous space for thoughts and musings, Journey uses the power of introspection to restore readers to their most authentic selves — the selves that are clear, grounded, motivated, grateful, and complete.

A registered emergency nurse, Stetson shifted gears to become a comprehensive mental health nurse. Diving head-first into best practices, her studies have covered many topics, including cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and trauma-informed care.

The cover art was designed by Jordan Beaulieu.