Hello, PEI!

Album by Tzu-ChengWang

Hello PEI by Tzu-Cheng Wang
Hello PEI by Tzu-Cheng Wang

PEI-based professional violinist, conductor, arranger and producer Tzu-Cheng Wang recently released the digital album Hello, PEI!  

Produced by Tzu-Cheng, Hello, PEI!  was composed by Rhen-Zu on PEI.

Hello, PEI! features violin, cello and piano, and natural sounds that were recorded across PEI by Tzu-Cheng. It also includes a booklet intended to spark the listener’s reflections on the meaning of each song. “This album talks about Zhen-Ru the composer and her journey on this Island. She visited a lot of places and different kinds of sceneries,” says Tzu-Cheng. 

In 2018, Tzu-Cheng made a momentous decision to move to PEI. Hello, PEI! is the first album that he produced in Canada. It was nominated for the 2023 Music PEI Instrumental Recording of the Year and for Musician of the Year Awards.

Hello, PEI! is a gesture of appreciation for the kindness shown to his family and friends by Islanders. “I have received much care and love from this Island, and Hello PEI! is my attempt to share this spirit with others. I hope my audience will also feel and be inspired by the beauty of [PEI]”