New single from NEBO

“Haters,” the fourth single by Charlottetown-based band NEBO, will be released March 1 on all streaming platforms.

This single was inspired by PEI newspaper publisher Paul MacNeill’s article ”Haters will never win,” published in The Eastern Graphic on March 1, 2023, in which he says, “It’s a sad day when social media hate wins—even momentarily.” NEBO’s songwriter, Neb Kujundzic, also wanted to share these words by MacNeill from the same article: ”Change terrifies some so much they see hate and anger as the only path forward. They should be pitied. They represent a narrow view that is shared by some, but the vast majority of Islanders are caring, compassionate, empathetic, and welcoming. That is why angry, insecure men will never win.”

NEBO features Kujundzic on rhythm guitar, Liam Corcoran on vocals, Sergey Varlamov on lead guitar, Garrett Sherwood on drums, and Cameron Menzies on bass and vocals. and Neb Kujundzic

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