Flotsy by Peggy Hogan

PEI author, Peggy Hogan, would like you to meet Flotsy, the protagonist of her third novel titled Flotsy.

Hogan began the story on July 25, 2011, at 6:51 am (yes, she wrote it down), when Flotsy tapped her on the shoulder and whispered, “I’ve got something to say.” What Flotsy had to say was intriguing and telling her story was a welcome, creative rejuvenation for Hogan who was dealing with difficult personal issues at the time.

Flotsy is cursed. Dark, violent visions assault her dreams, visions that foresee the future. For a young girl born in the small fishing village of North Rustico, PEI, this is considered taboo, and at the age of seventeen, she boards a bus to somewhere no one will know of her and her curse. She finds a modicum of peace in the Arizona desert, but her fragile tranquility is shattered by the sudden appearance of Joe, also cursed. He must do whatever the voice in his head demands, and it now demands that he join forces with Flotsy. They must thwart a powerful, psychotic man from stealing the water of a vital aquifer. Flotsy sees things she can’t control; Joe does things he can’t control. What could they possibly do together?

Flotsy will be launched May the Fourth at The Haviland Club in Charlottetown at 1:30 pm. Everyone is welcome.

Hogan lives with husband, Jim, in New Glasgow, PEI. Her first book, For a Song, won second place in the 34th Atlantic Writing Competition. Her books are available in e-book and paperback formats from Double Dragon Publishing, and in paperback from Bookmark in Charlottetown and from the author.