Casebook One: A Knock in the Dark

Five Crow Road, a new publishing company based in eastern PEI, is introducing the world to the Terra Obscura Chronicles, a globe-trotting adventure series set in the early 1900s that follows Charles Fort, the world’s first supernatural investigator, as he hunts for proof of what science refuses to accept—the existence of the paranormal.

In the first novel of the series, Casebook One: A Knock in the Dark, Fort explores subterranean New York looking for the source of various reports of violent attacks during the construction of NYC’s iconic subway system. What he finds in the dark, no one wants to ever see the light. Between the city’s political elite and powerful forces unseen, Charles Fort will test his limits to prove what he knows to be true.

The month of its release, A Knock in the Dark went to #1 on under the Steampunk Science Fiction Category.

The authors, Geoff and Michelle Genge, are a dynamic writing duo who live and raise their two kids deep in the woods of Prince Edward Island. Each brings a set of unique skill, and a shared love of literature and great story-telling, to their writing. Together, they have plans to continue the Terra Obscura Chronicles with another being released later this year.

Casebook One features original sketches by Greg Webster. “Greg visually brought the story to life in a way that surpassed all my dreams,” says Michelle. “I’m really excited to share this amazing world with readers. It is pure escapist fun—something desperately needed in today’s heavy times.”

A local celebration-launch party is being planned for April. For launch information and to learn more about the Terra Obscura Chronicles, go to