Olivia Robinson

Winter’s Tales

Author series continues with Oliva Robinson book launch

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Olivia Robinson was born in the Annapolis Valley, NS and moved to PEI with her family. She blossomed as a creative writer not among the Valley’s orchards, but on the Island and at UPEI, and then at Memorial University and in the Newfoundland literary community.

That cultivation has yielded her debut novel, The Blue Moth Motel, from Newfoundland publisher Breakwater Books. The UPEI Winter’s Tales Author Series will present the PEI book launch on November 18 at 7:30 pm in The Carriage House at Beaconsfield, 2 Kent Street, Charlottetown.

The Blue Moth Motel, set mostly on PEI and also in London, England, is a haunting and evocative exploration of the meaning of family and home.

Robinson earned a Master’s degree in Creative Writing at MUN, working with celebrated author and mentor Lisa Moore. One of Olivia’s short stories will appear next year in Hard Ticket: New Writing Made in Newfoundland, edited by Lisa Moore. She will return to PEI this fall to join the Bookmark team.

 The book launch is co-sponsored by Bookmark and the UPEI English Department and Dean of Arts. Admission is free.

The UPEI reading series began in 1969 and was renamed “Winter’s Tales” in 1995.

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