When I went for a walk … on the beach/Quand je suis allé me promener … à la plage

By Ellen Dougherty, Illustrated by Linda Shaw Packard, Translated by Raphaël Crétinon

Local author Ellen Dougherty has released When I went for a walk on the beach/Quand je suis allé me promener … à la plage. The bilingual children’s book was illustrated by local artist Linda Shaw Packard and translated into French by Raphaël Crétinon and Marc Brunelle.

Also available in an English-only version, this whimsical story recounts a child’s walk on the beach with just a bucket, a shovel, and their imagination. The child’s imagination and creativity provide for an eventual parade of friends who enjoy a walk together on the beach and promise to return to play again another day.

This bilingual narrative, one of a series of books translated into various languages, brings to life the adventures of a child and their imaginary friends and family. “The translations provide an opportunity to experience the child’s imaginary parade of ‘friends’ from different perspectives, revealing that children, in fact all of us, are similar, no matter what language we speak. Yet, paradoxically, our individual cultures, languages, and experiences make each of us unique,” shares the author.

Available in English/French or in an English-only version, When I went for a walk … on the beach / Quand je suis allé me promener … à la plage,  can be purchased at The Dunes in Brackley, various gift shops, and at Bookmark in Charlottetownt. Translations are available in Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and other languages, by contacting the author at ellen.dougherty.books@gmail.com.