We’re All Criminals


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Canadian author Mima recently published her 14th book (9th in the Hernandez series) We’re All Criminals.

A former Mexican narco transitions into Canadian life with family, politics and business while holding tight to his ruthless, criminal ways.

If there is one thing that Jorge Hernandez values as much as power and loyalty, it is his freedom. Despite his countless crimes and acts of vigilantism, he continues to plunge ahead playing by his own rules. While others follow like sheep, Hernandez has always been the wolf, brutally ripping apart anyone who gets in his way.

When a cop has the nerve to show up at his door and harass him, Jorge’s fury quickly ignites. Rather than sinking his teeth into this one victim, he instead takes on the entire herd, deciding to use the second season of his docuseries to expose the dirty secrets and humiliate the Canadian law enforcers. While Jorge wants to exhibit his power and publicly taunt the police, his family fears that this time, he may have pushed too far.

Even with his freedom in the balance, Jorge Hernandez won’t back down. Then again, in a world of blurred lines and uncertain morals, are we all the judge and jury, or are we all criminals?