Wayne Gray, A Man of Vision

Gary MacDougall

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Retromedia Publishing has released the book Wayne Gray, A Man of Vision written by bestselling author Gary MacDougall.

This is a true success story with lots of trials and tribulations along the way, with bankruptcy looming large for Wayne Gray in the early going. How he triumphs against all odds is revealed in this book.

It seems everyone in Atlantic Canada knows that when the words “Vogue Optical” are mentioned, the next words out are likely going to be “where your second pair is free.” The importance of the Second Pair Free policy cannot be overstated when it comes to Wayne Gray’s success. The marketing promotion was as much a home run for Wayne Gray, his late wife Doreen and their boys, Cory and Darren, as it was to the many people who bought good quality eyeglasses and received a second pair free.

Wayne brought a number of innovations to the eyeglass industry, which helped propel him from being a small optical store owner in Charlottetown to overseeing and owning an Atlantic Canada giant in the eyeglass industry.

Wayne Gray left school after Grade 8 with big dreams and a lot of determination. The young farm boy, who went where he dreamed of going, says he could not have done so without the loyal support of his former Vogue Optical employees and his family, whose love and support he felt all along. He has dedicated this book to them.

You can find Wayne Gray, A Man of Vision, a 192-page, soft cover book, full of photos and intimate, interesting and often funny stories at Bookmark, Indigo and Coles in PEI and online at the publisher’s website at retromedia.ca.