Water in the Draw

Adam Hill

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Adam Hill will celebrate the release of his new album, Water in the Draw, on November 15 with a free concert at the Beaconsfield Carriage House in Charlottetown. Doors will open at 7:00 pm , and the event will begin at 7:30 pm with a reading by local writer Bren Simmers, who will be launching her new book in tandem with the album release.

Perhaps more well known as a bassist (Islanders will recognize Hill as a member of Atlantic String Machine) and a composer, Hill showcases another side of his musical personality on this album. Water in the Draw features five original songs and three traditional fiddle tunes. But Hill doesn’t see this music as terribly divergent from the rest of what he does. To him, the process of getting a song down on tape is the process of composing parts, building textures, and creating counterpoint. And much to the surprise of anyone who’s never seen it before, those fiddle tunes get played on the biggest fiddle in the family: the double bass.

One spring a little while back, Hill found himself at a 10,000-acre cattle ranch in southeastern Wyoming. He had brought his upright bass with him, and at the last minute had thrown a guitar in the trunk. Though the mountain passes were still closed, the snow was beginning to melt. It just so happened that his one room cabin was outfitted with a grand piano, and the songs began to flow.

The first video from the project features footage from the 10,000 acre cattle ranch in southeastern Wyoming where the album was recorded. And the snowy scene sets the stage for the sounds of shattering ice that Hill used as percussion throughout the track.

Joining him to recreate the trio instrumentation of the recording at the launch will be Chris Corrigan on guitar and Sid Acharya on piano.

Adam Hill creates music with pencils, paper, computers, and a variety of instruments. He has written songs, symphonies, and suites, and has released four albums. He also performs creations of other songwriters and composers. For information visit www.adamhillmusic.com.