Walk with Me: Charlottetown Then and Now (2nd Ed)

By D. Scott MacDonald

Walk with Me: Charlottetown Then and Now (2nd Ed) by D. Scott MacDonald will launch at Zion Presbyterian on June 8 at 10 am. 

MacDonald‘s father, W. Blair MacDonald had a keen interest in the changing landscape of Charlottetown, and documented a number of these changes with his slide camera. Instilled with a keen sense of history at an early age, Scott and his family have always treasured the work that their father did to preserve Charlottetown’s history. So, over 60 years later, Scott has now retraced his father’s steps to record how the city has changed over that time. Standing in the exact spot where his father stood, Scott has captured how the streets and buildings of Charlottetown have changed and remained the same. Scott has also researched the history of the buildings he portrays, both back to his father’s time and much earlier. The result is a glimpse into why and how even a small city can change so much.

Ten years later, in this new edition, Scott has gathered new photos and insightful information about Charlottetown.