Voyageur by Dekz

Premiere of local DJ’s new music and video project

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Local disc jockey Dexter “Dekz” Shea is set to launch his new project Voyageur on May 29 via YouTube. The film features Dekz performing a live DJ set outside at North Cape, PEI. It was filmed by his friend James Manning who used a drone to obtain the footage.

Voyageur is a project that Shea had been planning before the pandemic but finally brought to life in March.

“Drones help the viewer experience a familiar place from a fresh perspective. The aerial shots of the ice and the whole place are just spectacular, I’m lucky to have grown up five minutes from there,” explains Shea.

“The erosion of the capes also illustrates the effects of time and the clips of the Elephant Rock are a shot of nostalgia every time I watch it, and I assume it’ll be for many people in Western PEI.  It really adds to the essence of the place. With erosion being one of natures clearest ways of symbolizing the effect time has in shaping all things on this earth.”

Shea shares that, “The film also illustrates electronic music’s ability to be more cinematic, meaningful and emotional than many might think.  Without clubs and festivals dictating what is popular in this style of music, I feel like more people are enjoying songs that make listeners want to do more than just party and get crazy. I hope this mix makes people want to get outdoors and explore and I hope the visuals allow them to feel grateful to be from such a fascinating place.”

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