photo by Dillan Lavallee

Video Release: Expert Mode

By Slime Da Garbage Mane

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Slime Da Garbage Mane has released the music video for Expert Mode, a single from his project In Da Crib Music released earlier this year in May of 2020. The song is a vivacious, melodic romp that operates outside the typical SoundCloud formula both lyrically and sonically. While being superbly recorded & mastered by PEI engineer/DJ Niimo, its instrumental was made by Georgia producer Evildoer – marking the second collaboration between the pair. The first being Rari Jacket, an underground success released in January of 2020.

The video itself was handled by the masterful hands of Charlottetown/Toronto videographers Jett Roberts & Jodie Hood (aka Mossboy). Shot over the course of two weeks in the summer of 2020, it makes poignant use of Oyster Bed, PEI’s vibrant scenery such as the Oyster Bed Speedway and the now derelict Tortuga Motel. Roberts & Hood ensure not a single dull moment is present throughout the video’s run, matching the music in fun and enveloping visuals. Distribution by rising hip hop blog Masked Faces greatly assisted in the online spread of the video throughout the underground scene.

The video can be viewed here:

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