“Very Cherry”

The Moneygoround

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The Moneygoround came together during Covid, and aimed to challenge themselves with blending Rock N’ Roll, Psychedelic,  Americana, Blues, Folk, and Roots music. Band members Dennis Ellsworth, Josh Langille, Sam Langille, Katie McGarry, and Dan Currie, cite The Kinks song “The Moneygoround” as well as The Style Council’s song with the same title as inspiration for the groups’ name.
The debut single from The Moneygoround is an Americana, power-pop track with aspects of roots woven through. The upbeat song features 60’s inspired, ear catching hooks, and is a story about commitment, security, and the promise of love. With the opening lyrics about a failed relationship, the song bridges the past and future of songwriter Dennis Ellsworth’s current partnership, as the rest of the lyrics highlight the positive relationship he has now. The fun and catchy love song also draws inspiration from Jan and Dean’s “Surf City” – a 60’s vocal duo who use the phrase “very cherry” in the song. The creative, retro cover art for the single was also created by Ellsworth, who used a photo of the inside of a kaleidoscope as the visual for the track. “Very Cherry” is the perfect introduction to the music from The Moneyground and offers a glimpse into their upcoming album.
Having previously collaborated together, Dennis Ellsworth and Joel Plaskett initially started their most recent collaboration with the intention of creating a solo project for Dennis. Band members Dan Currie and Ellsworth are longtime collaborators as well, currently in another band together – the Electric Stars. Dan’s wife Katie lends her vocals and expert piano playing to the group, and marks an exciting, new challenge in her career. Brothers Josh and Sam Langille, both session musicians on numerous projects from Ellsworth and members of an up-and-coming Charlottetown-based band called “Absolute Losers”, round out the group with their complementary bass and drumming talents.
For their debut album, Cruisin’ and Swingin’ with The Moneygoround, the band worked with producer and songwriter Joel Plaskett at Fang Recording in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The debut album is scheduled for release in spring 2022.