Unhistoric Acts

Inside the Women’s Movement on Prince Edward Island by Dianne Porter

Unhistoric Acts: Inside the Women’s Movement on Prince Edward Island by Dianne Porter will be released June 6. It is published by PEI’s Pownal Street Press, who will launch the book on June 15 from 7-8:30 pm at Florence Simmons Performance Hall in Charlottetown.

Unhistoric Acts is inspired by the work of unheralded women in the 18th-century novel Middlemarch by George Elliot. It is a first hand account by long time advocate for the women’s movement, Dianne Porter. Women’s equality in PEI took time and tireless effort by numerous unsung heroes. Working together as a force for change, Porter honours the unsung heroes of the movement with profiles of front-liners in the fields of early childhood education, politics and social services, which collectively were able to transform the landscape.

This social history takes the reader on a journey of progression in politics and social reform. As an advocate for change and a political advisor in the 1980s, Porter brings the reader behind-the-scenes to the conversations that finally put women’s equality on PEI on the table—women in the workforce, child care and setting up basic minimum standards.

With cover art by artist Beverley Hawksley, this book will serve as an important historical document and primary source in the field of women’s studies.

Porter was a founding member of the Canadian Child Care Federation and the first Executive Director of the PEI Interministerial Women’s Secretariat. She has worked on the front lines of early childcare reform as the Chair of the PEI Coalition for Women in Government, and on the prevention of violence against women in her role as Treasurer for the Women’s Network PEI. A tireless advocate and a passionate leader, Dianne is a member of the Order of PEI, Advisory Council and has made it her life’s work to improve the lives of women. She has worked as a lecturer in gender studies at Carleton University, and in leadership roles at Red River Community College and Holland College.

Unsung hero contributors include Claire Arsenault, Lyle Brehaut, Jan Devine, Eileen Doyle, Ruth Lacey, Sara Roach Lewis, Kirstin Lund, Anne MacCallum, Cathy MacCormack, Elayne MacLaine, Dianne Hicks Morrow, Lisa Murphy, Anne Nicholson, Louise Polland, Ann Sherman, Gaylene Smith, and Andy Lou Somers