Rose Cousins [photo: Lindsay Duncan]

Ready to Roll

Festival faves, new faces and emerging artists

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The 2022 season of Under the Spire Music Festival (USMF) at Historic St. Mary’s will feature over 20 concerts and community events, with the return of some Festival favourites, as well as new performers and emerging artists. All summer concerts take place in Historic St. Mary’s in Indian River, PEI. 

The June performance schedule includes: the Youth Legacy Celebration at 3 pm June 19; Rose Cousins with special guest Atlantic String Machine at 7:30 pm June 24; and Stick & Bow at 3 pm June 26.

The July lineup features: Reeny Smith & The Sanctified Bros at 7:30 pm July 8; the PEI Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet and Atlantic String Machine at 3 pm July 10; Amanda Rheaume at 7:30 pm July 15; Duo Beija-Florat at 3 pm July 17; Twin Flames at 7:30 pm July 22; and David Myles at 3 pm July 24. 

Performances continue in August with: Don Pasquale, an opera by Gaetano Donizetti featuring Midori Marsh, Alex Halliday, Yanik Gosselin, Parker Clements, Taylor Donald, and Peter Tiefenbach at 7:30 pm August 5; Think of Me… A journey through musical theatre and opera with Rebecca Caine and Robert Kortgaard, featuring Parker Clements, and Taylor Donald at 3 pm August 7; Madison Violet at 7:30 pm August 12; David Jalbert at 3 pm August 14; Island Songwriters—Brielle Ansems, Dylan Menzie, Joce Reyome and Alicia Toner at 7:30 pm August 19; Bùmarang at 3 pm August 21; Catherine MacLellan at 7:30 pm August 26; and Julia MacLaine at 1 pm August 28. 

The September lineup includes: Kitbag Theatre production The Songs of Johnny and June at 7:30 pm September 1 and 2; Lennie Gallant at 7:30 pm September 9; and The New Cohort at 3 pm September 11. 

In addition to concerts, USMF is committed to fostering a sense of togetherness through a series of community events, such as songwriting workshops, pre-concert talks, film nights, and more. They will also bring back a fan favourite­­—Open Stage—where community members are invited to take to the stage and feel the musical magic of Historic St. Mary’s for themselves. Whether you’re a pianist, singer, whistler, storyteller, opera singer, or ukulele player, your sound will be beautifully amplified by the unique architectural design of the world-famous venue. A variety of accessible community concerts and events scheduled for this summer will be announced closer to the season.