Two mediums, two continents

Exhibit by sisters Grace Cressman and Ruth M.W. Spicer

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Duality: Two sisters, two mediums, two continents, featuring the original work of Grace Cressman and Ruth M. W. Spicer, is a new art exhibition opening at The Gallery at Kings Playhouse in Georgetown on September 6 at 3 pm.

Born in Zambia, Central Africa and Pretoria, South Africa respectively, Grace and Ruth had the unique experience of attending boarding schools throughout their youth.

As young adults, Grace moved to Canada and trained as a registered nurse while Ruth commenced art studies at the College of Art in East London, South Africa.

Ruth’s experience ranges from decorative fabric design to working as an illustrative artist with Emmanuel Press. In 1972 she joined the Living Sound singing group and travelled throughout North America generating album covers, posters and flyers. In subsequent years, she worked as a graphic artist for advertising agencies and newspapers in South Africa and Canada. In 2015, she made her way back to South Africa and presently lives in Cape Town.

In 2016, Grace moved to PEI and was immediately enchanted by its scenery and way of life. While working as a registered nurse, she uses her spare time to wander the beaches and take photographs of the abundant beauty all around. Her love for the Island and desire to share it with her family led Grace to sharing her photographs online.

Despite being separated by the Atlantic ocean, Grace and Ruth have maintained their connection through photography and art.

Inspired by Grace’s photographs, Ruth replicates the scenes in watercolour paintings—capturing the rich colours, vibrant lighting and striking beauty as she paints the idyllic landscapes and charming local scenes that exist over 12,000 kilometres away.

 Opening September 6, Duality will exhibit the work of both artists—Ruth’s fine art and Grace’s photographs that inspired them. All are invited to see the deep connection that can exist between siblings nourished and immortalized through the beauty of their art. Due to travel restrictions, Ruth will attend the opening virtually. Duality runs until Thanksgiving.

The Gallery at Kings Playhouse is open seven days a week from 10 am–6 pm at 65 Grafton St in Georgetown.

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