TWiG 6

TWiG 6 is the sixth book of collected works from The Writers in Group (TWiG), offering a wide variety of original writing by 26 PEI author/members: Maud Anschütz, Kathy Birt, Gerry Bradley, Mary O’Keefe Brady, Louise Fox Burley, Diana Clarke, Richard Furlong, Roger Gordon, Glen Grant, Nancy Hart, Dr. Ann Howatt, Geoff Hussey, Donna Ruth MacCormac, Ingrid MacDonald, Scott MacKinnon, Bruce McCallum, Alan McNairn, Ruth Mischler, Michael Pagé, Faye Pound, Regena Kaye Russell, Brianne Savage, Paul Vreeland, R.W. (Robbin) Ward, and Konrad Wendt.

TWiG is the longest surviving writers’ group on PEI and was established thirty years ago. Authors present their work in an inclusive, encouraging circle once a week, year-round.

Paul Vreeland’s cover photograph of a tree, with the interplay of light and shadow on shingles, foreshadows what is to come in the following pages. The window invites us to look inwards and outwards at the fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that both entertains and challenges; it is not a book to cast off after initial contact.

The Writers in Group describes the collection:

“In a post-truth era, all words become suspect, and so The Writers in Group have entitled their 6th anthology simply TWiG 6. Not that we aren’t riddled with liars. In this book, they weave their literary deceptions with guileless ease. Our poets, on the other hand, inhabit a domain beyond fact or fiction, while those who write memoir show us that truth, if not necessarily stranger than fiction, is at least as captivating.”

A book launtch will be held on June 29 from 2-4 pm at the Haviland Club in Charlottetown. Authors will read selected works. Free refreshments will be offered with a cash bar. Admission is free, and all are welcome. Info: