‘Twas the month

The Brew | by Bryan Carver

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‘Twas the month before Christmas in fair Charlottetown,
And folx were just itching for a chance to “get down”;
Christmas parties been planned, for nearly a year,
With hopes your annoying coworker wouldn’t be there;
Decorations were hung with the greatest of care,
Some were still up from Christmas last year;
All the children were nestled all snug in their beds,
With content from iPads taking over their heads;
And ma’ in her slippers, and I with a beer,
Could not believe another Christmas was near;

SantaCon on the Avenue raising a clatter,
And holiday sweets arranged on a platter;
Meanwhile down at the local brewhouse,
Brewers were busy as a malt room mouse;
With kegs to be filled and cans to be shipped,
Special releases were getting their tops wax dipped;
The brewers all gather for holiday cheer,
Bringing out their beloved cellared beers;
Imperial stouts and prized Belgian Tripels,
They swirl and sniff each glass of tipple;
Talking of favourite malts, yeasts and hops,
And friends they will visit on holiday stops;

The cellar all clean and filled up with beer,
Hopes are high they can keep up next year;
The mill has been dusted, hoses put away,
Planning and scheduling for the next brewday;
The Cellar Person says, they still want to brew,
Jaded old brewer replies “why would you!?”;
Tasks all complete, the team is ready to go,
They head into town in the big fluffy snow;
The cabs arrive and all jump right in,
The annual crawl is about to begin;
“To Hopyard!”, “To Baba’s!”, “To Old Dublin!”, do!
“To Gahan!”, “To Churchill’s!”, “To Brothers 2!”
With so many choices of places to go,
One voice pipes up, “Why not the Spo’?”

Along the way they meet friends new & old,
Each stop made, a break from the cold;
They talk and laugh at of tales of yore,
As more and more revelers come through the door;
They fill up their mouths with holiday baking,
Much fuel is needed for such merrymaking;
The night wraps up and each part their way,
All filled with love from an enjoyable day;
But enjoying time with friends needs no reason,
Best wishes to all this Holiday Season!

Please drink responsibly this Holiday season.

Bryan CarverThe Brew
Bryan Carver

Professional Brewer, Certified Cicerone® and Lover of All Things Beer. Joined The Buzz team in April 2018