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Millman-Tuplin tragedy gets the spotlight—Nov 11 to 15

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Kitbag Theatre presents Tuesdays & Sundays, a play based on the true story of William Millman and Mary Tuplin, and the tragedy that shook the community of Margate in 1887. This play has toured extensively across Canada and internationally, and will now have its PEI premiere in November.

Tuesdays & Sundays, directed by Rebecca Parent, will be on stage at Watermark Theatre in North Rustico from November 11–14 at 7:30 pm and November 15 at 2 pm.

William and Mary agreed to meet on a Sunday in June. They had something important to discuss. On the following Tuesday, Mary disappeared into the dusk, along with the baby she carried inside of her.

Written by Canadian playwrights Daniel Arnold and Medina Hahn, Tuesdays & Sundays sheds light on the rural teenage couple as they recount and relive their time together. It is important to note that the play is merely an interpretation of actual events. As the playwrights put it, “Tuesdays & Sundays is inspired by true events. It is by no means the true story—for the absolute truth will never be known.”

“This is the tale of two real-life Islanders in Margate, PEI, 1887,” says Melissa MacKenzie, who plays Mary Tuplin. “It’s haunting and romantic and complicated and human. If this year has taught me anything, it’s that we can hold all those things at the same time.”

Joining MacKenzie are Jacob Hemphill and Rebecca Parent.

The Millman-Tuplin story resurfaced to national news in 2016 when Mary’s remains were finally properly laid to rest. Generations of both families have passed down the story, with some still unsure that justice was really served at the time.

Watermark Theatre is located at 57 Church Hill Ave, North Rustico.