Tree Huggers Ball

Gathering for the trees at Victoria Playhouse

The Tree Huggers Ball is a series of three Tuesday evening cabarets at Victoria Playhouse on August 8, 15 and 22 at 7:30 pm. Created to allow Islanders to process the tree grief due to post-tropical storm Fiona, the Ball is a celebration of PEI’s trees led by local musician Jon Rehder.

“We will sing and dance and come together to process the multi-layered experience of this unprecedented storm,” Jon says.

Jon will be joined by Reg Ballagh, Carlie Howell and Nathan Wiley, and there will be different invited guests each week, including Peter Bevan-Baker on trumpet, accompanied by Tamara Steele.

There will be songs and stories about trees, dancing, a participatory choir, and even a clown with a chainsaw—Trilby Jeeves is a bouffon teacher and clown who is also dealing with the loss of her Milton-area woods and is doing much of the cleanup and replanting herself. 

Artistic Director Johanna Nutter thought the Tree Hugger’s Ball would be therapy through music and fun: “This is a celebration of life, a way to work through the loss of our trees. Through music, laughter, and storytelling, we’ll honour the trees we lost in the storm and celebrate the giants that make our world a better place. This is a chance to honour the fallen and cheer for the new growth together.” 

The Victoria Playhouse will also be hosting the Island Nature Trust’s Action Tree throughout the month of August. Visitors and patrons can add a handwritten note on the tree as a gesture toward a greener and more sustainable future.

Visit or call the box office at 1-800-925-2025.