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After nearly a six-year hiatus, Charlottetown-based band Trading Post is back in action and they’re ready to take things to the next level, but at their own slow-and-steady pace. “Our plan’s really basic right now. Just kind of take it as it goes. Our main focus now is just baby steps,” said guitar player and backup singer Phil Gallant.

You might remember Trading Post from when they formed in 2012 up until 2013 when they disbanded. “We all had different things going on at the time. Mostly personal stuff just came up and we all decided to do that instead of going with the band,” said lead singer Freddy Affleck. It’s still the same group of guys, and while they now have more time on their hands and their priorities in place, they don’t want to take things too seriously in case it takes away from friendships and fun.

Alongside Gallant and Affleck are Jordan Ward on drums and Brandon Doyle on guitar. The idea of starting to jam again came up shortly before Affleck got married in early 2018. “We were just like, ‘It would be really fun if would could all get back together,’” said Ward. The band agreed it just felt right and that the timing wasn’t right before. It felt like no time had passed at all, said Gallant. “We have a better idea of how this kind of scene works now, and how to promote ourselves.”

Trading Post defines themselves as an alt-rock band with a mix of pop-punk and post-hardcore influences. The band’s older material tended to stick to the pop-punk side of things. “I think it’s kind of narrowed down to one cohesive sound now,” said Doyle. The songs are still melodic, but they definitely have less of a poppy feel, while sounding more edgy, raw, and with darker overtones.

“People ask me what we sound like and I like to compare it to a delicate punch to the face,” said Gallant. He added that the songs are an ideal mix of heavy and soft. “It’s not going to kick the shit out of you but it’s not going to put you to sleep.”

The band’s debut six-song EP, Detached, was recorded last summer and released in June of this year. The EP’s title track and first single is about trying to find an escape from depression. “It’s about when you’re stuck in a rut and trying to find a way out of that,” said Gallant.

Affleck’s lyrics focus on relatable, everyday struggles. “Basically, the songs are just about life, what you’re going through at the moment. Definitely what I’m going through. Depression, growing up, changes,” he said.

Currently, the band is happy with the status quo of taking things slowly and getting together to write meaningful music, focusing on quality over quantity. “It’s just nice to have a couple of hours every week when you can get out of your own head and leave everything at the door and make some noise,” said Doyle.

On that note, the name Trading Post is perfectly fitting. “It’s an exchange between all of us,” said Ward. It’s about coming together with individual pieces of a puzzle and putting it in place together.

Check out Trading Post’s debut EP, Detached, on all major streaming platforms and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming shows in Charlottetown.

(Phil Gallant, Brandon Doyle, Jordan Ward, Freddy Affleck. photo: Evan James Ceretti)

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