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Tiny Island Concert series joins #RoadToCanadaDay

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Starting Thursday, June 11, The Tiny Island Concert Series becomes a part of the #RoadtoCanadaDay online series of events, to ensure these critically important cultural celebrations will find a new stage and new audiences online.

The Tiny Island Concert Series was a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on Island musicians and music industry workers. The goal of the concert series was to offset the financial losses incurred by a community of people whose livelihood and well-being depend directly on gigs, concerts, and other public events—while entertaining music fans around the world in the process.

#CanadaPerforms continues to present artists, workshops and events throughout the month of June, focusing on support for festivals that have been affected by COVID-19 restrictions through the #RoadtoCanadaDay series.

The #RoadToCanadaDay series will feature performing artists scheduled to perform at festivals across Canada that are integral to the life and ecology of those communities and were forced to shutter due to the pandemic.


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