Time and History

Two new exhibitions at the Bedeque Area Historical Museum

Wendell Feener with the Adams Clock, documented as having been brought from England in 1774 by John Adams and his family at the time of the founding of the New London settlement by Quakers. Wendell restored the clock to working condition and has donated it to the Bedeque Area Museum where it is a focal point for the large clock exhibit.

The Wendell Feener clock collection, Clocks and the Island: 1770-1960, is one of two new exhibitions on view at the Bedeque Area Historical Museum. 

The comprehensive display of 165 clocks spans the period from the 1770’s to about 1960, telling the story of Islanders’ connection with clocks over a 200-year period. 

The clocks, which were selected by Feener from his large collection, all differ from each other and range from large long-case or grandfather clocks to small, ornate and fancy clocks of the late-Victorian period and early-20th century. The large number on display, all of which Wendell has permanently donated to the Museum, will enable the museum to be known as Prince Edward Island’s Clock Museum. 

Wendell Feener is an avid collector and restorer of antique clocks in Summerside.

The second exhibition, Prince Edward Island and the Monarchy, was sparked by the death of Queen Elizabeth II last September and the succession of King Charles III—the first change in a Canadian monarch in 70 years. 

Taking advantage of a donation of a dozen pictures of past monarchs, the exhibition tells the story of PEI’s connection to the Royal Family and the monarchy, “which began with the naming of the counties and county-towns by Samuel Holland in 1765 and continued with the naming of the province after a son of George III in 1798,” say exhibition organizers. 

Thereafter, from the 1860’s onwards, four of Queen Victoria’s children successively visited the Island, and members of the Royal Family have made regular visits to the province. The photos will showcase some of these visits.

The two exhibitions will officially open with Her Honour Lieutenant-Governor Antoinette Perry on July 8 at 10:30 am. Everyone is welcome to this free morning at the Museum.