The Viet-Co Conumndrum by Arlene Mighton

The Viet-Co Conundrum

Arlene S. Mighten

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Island-based author Arlene Mighton has release her latest book, The Viet-Co Conundrum, about a middle-aged woman, Miranda Olsen, and her two children who are caught up with the lockdown miseries of COVID-19.

The children are tired of staying indoors and are beginning to squabble over anything. Miranda tries to lessen the frustration by sitting down with the two fighting children and telling them a story about the missionaries in the Vietnam War. The children become absorbed in the story as Miranda focuses on the Tet Offensive and the end of the war (1975)—two Christian milestones of the war. The deaths of the missionaries in the Tet Offensive and the harrowing events of 1975 have one sitting on the edge of their seat. At the end, the children are more accommodating of one another, and Miranda begins the journey of reconciliation.

Arlene Mighton moved to PEI in September of 2019.

The Viet-Co Conundrum is currently available through Amazon.