Beauty and the Wasp by Esther Mosher

The Time of Our Lives

Seniors College group art show at Hilda Woolnough Gallery

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UPEI Seniors College students and instructors will be showcased in the exhibition The Time of Our Lives, on display at The Hilda Woolnough Gallery at The Guild in Charlottetown from May 2–20.

This is the 10th anniversary for the Seniors College Group Art Show. Some old favourites and plenty of new faces will be exhibiting their work. The show will feature works from all the art classes, including watercolour, acrylic, pastel, drawing and multimedia.

Participants say they are at “a time in their lives” when work and family commitments are reduced and they are thrilled to have the time to put into making art.

Seniors College is open to anyone over 50. It is a great opportunity to learn something new in a wide variety of topics. The camaraderie among the students adds a lot to the enjoyment. A full list of Seniors College courses, schedules and descriptions is available at

For more info, contact Marion Copleston at 675-4093 or, The Guild at 620-3333 or The Guild is located at 111 Queen St, Charlottetown.