The Spirited Mrs Pringle by Jillianne Hamilton

The Spirited Mrs. Pringle

by Jillianne Hamilton

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Island author Jillianne Hamilton recently released her fourth novel, The Spirited Mrs. Pringle.

Set in 1888 London, self-involved social climber Cora Pringle is left destitute after the sudden death of her husband. When her paramour turns out to be penniless imposter, Cora becomes a séance-performing spiritualist and gets a taste for the life of a celebrity.

Suffragist reporter Amelia Baxter is denied the opportunity to cover the horrific Jack the Ripper murders and, instead, pours her frustrations into bringing Cora’s deceptive and manipulative act to an end.

Signed paperback copies of The Spirited Mrs. Pringle are available for purchase at Bookmark in Charlottetown and ebook versions are available online.

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