The Spectre of Stanhope Lane

James W. Macnutt

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James W. Macnutt has published his latest book, a novel entitled The Spectre of Stanhope Lane.

Every summer Frank Longworth, a pragmatic and matter-of-fact lawyer, takes himself away from the bustle of his business and family life and enjoys a few solitary weeks in the pristine coastal landscape of Prince Edward Island, Canada. One evening, as he takes his usual walk from his cottage to the beach, he comes into contact with something inexplicable and sinister. It is an encounter that will shake his tidily organised life to its foundations…

The Spectre of Stanhope Lane is written with imagination, creativity, and amazing insight and attention to historical detail and research into the Scottish world and the place of the diaspora. Sense of place, heritage, genealogy, class, and mystery are woven together and exhibit a writer who has come of age. Warmly recommended to Prince Edward Islanders and visitors to the Island and all who are intrigued by all things Scottish. I want to see that wall!”—Dr Jack Whytock, author and lecturer

The Spectre of Stanhope Lane will be in all major PEI bookstores on December 10 just in time for Christmas.