The Snow Chef

Short film by Kelly Caseley, Sharlene Kelly and Graham Putnam chosen for CBC’s Short Film Face Off

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Local comedic short film Gustav the Snow Chef is competing nationally in CBC’s annual “Short Film Face Off“ on Saturday evenings from October 3–24.

Each episode of the “Short Film Face Off” will feature three shorts, one of which will move on to the fourth and final episode on October 24. Gustav the Snow Chef, a satirical cooking show, was selected from a Canada-wide pool to compete with eight other new Canadian short films.

Since CBC viewers will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite, the short film’s creators—Kelly Caseley, Sharlene Kelly and Graham Putnam (all veterans of the local comedy scene)—are hoping folks will tune in on Saturdays this month and, if they like what they see, support this crew of Island creatives with a vote.

Chef Gustav has become obsessed with making dishes only out of snow and ice. In the world of high-end fine-dining, the lines between food and art can get blurred. The 10 minute parody of culinary shows like “Chef’s Table” and “Top Chef” was shot last winter just weeks before lockdown, and ironically had shooting days caught in two seperate snowstorms.

The film has also been selected to be a part of the Devour! Food Film Fest in Wolfville, NS, this October 21–25.

If Gustav the Snow Chef were fortunate enough to move on and win the “Short Film Face Off”, the creators will be awarded a cash prize, which would be welcomed, as the short film was made on a shoestring budget. National prestige could help put the Island’s comedic voice on the national stage, so check it out on Saturday evenings this October on CBC.

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