The Odessa Connection James W. Macnutt

The Odessa Connection

James W. Macnutt

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The Odessa Connection, the second volume of James Macnutt’s historical fiction trilogy, was published in November.

It is 2008, almost three years have passed since the tumultuous events outlined in The Mendelssohn Connection, which thrust the unwilling Isaac Menshive into a position of global responsibility as the head of a wealthy family trust. Isaac now lives quietly in a dacha in Russia with his new family. Isaac’s old friend and most trusted advisor, Will MacIntosh, is emotionally unmoored at exactly the moment when events conspire to put the immense burden of the trust squarely on his shoulders.

Still in danger from unknown forces that will stop at nothing to get their hands on the trust’s considerable assets, Will and his team continue to investigate its origins and the extraordinary fortune that it has accrued over the centuries. The team’s research points them in the direction of Odessa city, the early 20th century, and the unexpected involvement of two men: the first a familiar figure from Russian history; the second hailing from Will’s own backyard on PEI…

Moving between Russia, Ukraine, London and the Mediterranean, The Odessa Connection finds the protagonists Will and Isaac tested as never before. With so much to lose, Isaac experiences the extremes of joy and despair, while Will, weighed down by responsibility, finds his stoic self-assurance evaporating as he discovers betrayal lurking behind every corner.

The third and final volume, The 9/11 Connection, will be published in December. A book launch for Macnutt’s trilogy will take place December 9 at Beaconsfield Carriage House in Charlottetown. All are invited to attend.