The Multiplication Rap

By Hope Dalvay & illustrated by Kate Chisholm

A book launch for The Multiplication Rap by Island author Hope Dalvay, will be held at Coles Summerside from 11 am–1 pm,  September 30.

Published by Acorn Press, this book teaches a song the reader won’t soon forget. It’s called “The Multiplication Rap” and it makes multiplying a snap. Join Mr. Mathias Whiz and his students as they learn a new song. The rhymes are catchy, so be prepared to sing along. But, most of all, just have fun and relax, and let the power of song help with the multiplication facts.

The amusing rhymes by Dalvay and comical illustrations by Kate Chisholm in The Multiplication Rap intend to delight and entertain readers as they learn the times tables.

Dalvay began writing her debut middle-grade novel Welcome to Camp Fill-in-the-Blank as a way to escape the notoriously harsh winter of 2015 in her home province of PEI. As a child, she was often found with her nose buried in a book, blissfully lost in another world. Her love of words continued into adulthood when she fell into a career as a copyeditor. She rediscovered the joy of children’s literature while reading bedtime stories to her two boys.