The Island Shot

Creating a safer drinking culture on PEI

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The PEI Rape and Sexual Assault Centre (PEIRSAC) has launched “The Island Shot” poster campaign to help create a safer drinking culture at licensed venues across PEI. Since 2017, ordering an Angel Shot has been a code that a patron can use to signal to their server that they are in an unsafe situation. When a patron orders the shot “neat,” the server will escort the patron to their car; ordering it “on the rocks” results in a cab being called; and ordering “with lime” means police intervention, with the server escorting the patron to a safer location. 

Candace Hagen, the Prevention and Education Coordinator with PEIRSAC, will reach out to licensed establishments across PEI to ask if they would place Island Shot posters in all of their washrooms, as well as an informational poster behind the bar with emergency contact numbers for staff. 

“The goal of this campaign is not to call out any individual bar or drinking establishment, but rather call folks in to create a shift in consciousness when it comes to drinking culture on PEI. We all want to have safer venues, and to create a community where we take care of one another,” shares Hagen. 

SHIFT, a Workplace Sexual Harrassment Project that addresses and prevents sexual harassment in PEI workplaces through education and training, is a natural fit to partner with PEIRSAC for The Island Shot poster campaign. Each establishment will have to undergo a training session prior to receiving their posters, carried out by SHIFT project manager, Laura K. Bird, to ensure their staff feel empowered to act in the requested manner of their patron. 

“The goal of SHIFT is to address and prevent sexual harassment in Island workplaces through awareness, education and training that is tailored for employers, employees, high school students and the general public,” explains Bird.

PEI is a community driven province, and PEIRSAC believes that introducing The Island Shot calls on all Islanders that work within and frequent establishments that serve alcohol to be mindful of one another and to create environments that feel safer, and more guided by community care.