the hidden island podcast

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The PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation is releasing the second season of its podcast, the hidden island, on September 22.

the hidden island is a podcast dedicated to exploring PEI’s past in new and unexpected ways. Discover the hidden history of PEI in four full-length episodes and find out why that history is still relevant today. Listen in on candid conversations with Islanders about the parts of PEI heritage that often go unmentioned in the history books.

Season one host and writer Fiona Steele is back again for season two, which starts at the beginning: the creation of Epekwitk told by Mi’kmaq legends, and what this Island’s topography looked like millions of years ago. Other episodes will feature PEI’s long history with prohibition, shipwrecks, and human migration. Among this year’s guest interviews are Dutch Thompson, Georges Arsenault, Dr. Laurie Brinklow, Dr. Ed MacDonald, Clint Morrison and Junior Peter-Paul.

“Sometimes we think of Island history as quiet and quaint, but that’s just not the case,” said Matthew McRae, Executive Director of the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation. “If you scratch the surface just a little bit, you’ll find our past is full of powerful stories that still resonate with us today. We’re very excited to share some of these stories through the hidden island.”

A trailer for the second season can be found at, along with the complete first season of the hidden island. Upon release, season two will be available at and wherever podcasts are heard.